Australasian Military Medicine Association is an independent, professional
scientific organisation of medical and allied health professionals.


Why join AMMA

  • Interact with peers, community and the fellowship
  • As a reservists you will stay connected with the Australian and New Zealand Army, Navy and Air Force
  • You will receive the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health – published four times per year. Contributions welcome. Please visit
  • You will receive reduced fees at the Annual Conference and AMMA Workshops
  • Opportunity to submit submissions for Grants and Prizes
  • All Members receive a membership certificate
  • Opportunity to purchase AMMA Merchandise

Join using our online facility

PDF Membership Application Form (for printing and mailing)

Membership Fees

Type of Membership Price Once off Joining Fee
Period of Membership
1/7/2017 – 30/6/2018.
You will be asked to renew your membership at the end of each financial year.
Full membership $164.00 (inc. GST) $40.00 (GST inclusive)
Student membership $122.00 (inc. GST) $20.00 (GST inclusive)
Institutional Subscription $142.00 (inc. GST)
Overseas Full membership $164.00 $40.00 (GST Exempt)
Overseas Student Membership $122.00 $20.00 (GST Exempt)
Retiring Members* Single Fee -$539.00 (inc. GST)
Reduced Annual Fee – $77.00 (inc. GST)

Membership for Retiring Members

Any Member who, having retired and receiving no income from personal services relating to practice within one of the health professions, and having been a financial member of the association for a minimum continuous period of 7 years immediately preceding retirement may elect to become a retired member by either paying a single fee equivalent to 7 years subscription in the year of their retirement or paying an annual fee equivalent to 50% of the normal fee. A retired member who elects to pay a single fee will not be required to pay any further membership fees unless he/she ceases to be retired from practice. A retired member who elects to pay a reduced annual fee may elect to pay a single fee equivalent to 7 years subscription at any time subsequently but will receive no credit for fees previously paid as a retired member. Retired members will be entitled to all the privileges of a full member.


Exit Survey

If you have chosen to discontinue your AMMA membership, and have already advised the AMMA secretariat in writing, it would be very much appreciated if you could take some time to complete this survey. This will allow AMMA to collect some valuable information from its departing members, and therefore continue to improve and progress this very successful association.
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